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As of July 15, 2015, the latest production release is 6.60. Download Version 6.60 Version 6.60 Documentation

Upgrade NOTE:

If you are upgrading from 5.x, version 6.x has a new storage format for headers. The 6.x versions up to 6.42 has a conversion function you have to manually invoke if you want to bring your 5.x headers into V6. Conversion from earlier versions is not supported. A new spool folder, SPOOL_V6 will be created for storing headers. To invoke the conversion, install version 6.42 first, then select a group or a bunch of groups in the Groups tab, right-click and select Post Storage, then choose "Import Version 5.XX Headers". A progress screen will pop up and you'll have to wait for it to finish before continuing. After the conversion, you can then upgrade again to version 6.5+

Version 6.5 has an additional automatic conversion of the download list format from Version 6.0-6.42. This will be processed in the background the first time you start 6.5+ and can take a long time if you had a very large download list (i.e. 1000's of items)

The documentation is divided into the following documents:

  • New to Usenet - Good reading for those new to both Usenet and Newsbin.
  • V650-NewFeatures - If you are already familiar with Newsbin, this lists and explains the new features since the last release.
  • Installation Guide - Running the installer; configuring your news server; selecting newsgroups; and other initial setup steps.
  • User Guide - General guide to using Newsbin. This is the document that will be of most use to new users.
  • Tutorials - Animated tutorials showing basic setup and usage of Newsbin (work in progress)
  • Reference Guide - Detailed reference information on each option available in Newsbin. This is the place to look if you want to know the meaning of specific options within Newsbin.
  • Shortcuts - Consolidated list of keyboard shortcuts that activate certain Newsbin version 6 functions.
  • Glossary - Glossary of terms. Includes Usenet and Newsbin specific terminology.

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