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Keyboard shortcuts in this list are assigned and can not be changed.

You can assign other available keyboard shortcuts from the View -> Customize -> Keyboard tab

Key Description
CTRL-A Select all items in a list.
CTRL-B Download to Existing Folder. Used in Post List and Search tabs.
CTRL-C Although this is [Unassigned], Windows will use this to Copy selected contents to Clipboard.
CTRL-D Delete from Download list. Can also be used from a Post List tab.
CTRL-E Add selected files to Download List. Shift+CTRL-E combination will send to Top of Download List.
CTRL-F Opens dialog to Load NZB file.
CTRL-G Download latest headers for selected groups in Groups tab.
CTRL-H This will open a temp.nzb post list tab from up to 5 selected posts. Search results can also be expanded individually by clicking the arrow icon on the left.
CTRL-I Open Properties dialog for single files, or AutoPAR Properties on top level files after par2 information has downloaded.
CTRL-K Lockout Poster Keyword.
CTRL-L This is used from the Groups tab, it will load headers for the selected group into a Post List for the amount of days set by your Display Age setting.
CTRL-M This is used in the Files Tab. This will launch the associated application for the selected file.
CTRL-N Download to New Folder.
CTRL-P Lockout Poster.
CTRL-R Read Post Body.
CTRL-S Save Configuration.
CTRL-T Toggle between Show File Age setting to show Age of Post or Post Date.
CTRL-U Unlock Poster.
CTRL-V Although this is [Unassigned], Windows will use this to to Paste Clipboard contents to selected location. Shift-Insert also pastes.
CTRL-X Although this is [Unassigned], Windows will use this to Cut selected text to Clipboard. Shift-Delete also cuts text.
CTRL-Y Add to Download List & Bypass filters. Also known as Force Download. Using Shift+CTRL-Y will Force to TOP of download list.
F1 Opens web browser to the help page.
F3 Opens the Search Tab.
CTRL-F4 Closes Search and Post List tabs. Does not close tabs in the new framework.
Alt-F4 Exits Newsbin immediately.
Tab In Search Tab or dialog boxes, the Tab button will change focus to the next field or control.
CTRL-Home Moves selected files to the top of the Download, Wish, or Failed list.
CTRL-UP Moves selected files up in the Download, Wish, or Failed list.
CTRL-Down Moves selected files down in the Download, Wish, or Failed list.
CTRL-End Moves selected files to the bottom of the Download, Wish, or Failed list.
Right Toggles between collapsed and expanded view on selected post in Search and Post List tabs.
Alt-Down Opens a drop-down box when focus is applied.
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