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What are NZB Files

NZB files define the contents of complex, multipart posts so that all parts can be retrieved more simply in one session. They contain lists of the many small files that make up a single large downloadable binary file. The NZB file format is standard XML. These NZB files can be created by many sources. Since they are just a list of the files to download and are plain text based, they are generally small and easy to read.

Newsbin processes the NZB file by downloading and reassembling all the listed parts into the usable result. More...

NZB File Processing

There are 5 primary ways for downloading based on an NZB file:

  1. Load NZB from the Newsbin menu or toolbar 600-Load NZB icon.jpg
  2. Launch or double click based on Windows file type association
  3. Drag and Drop onto Newsbin
  4. Download an NZB file found in a Newsgroup
  5. Automatic load from a specific folder (requires setup in Newsbin)

A fresh default install of the latest version of Newsbin will support immediate downloading of files in the NZB for the first 4 options. Newsbin will also by default create a folder under the Newsbin Downloads folder named like the NZB filename for the resulting downloaded file.

There are several variations on how to work with NZB files explained in the Reference manual Options section. For more detail on how each processing option reacts to the various options see Detailed NZB Processing.

Why use NZB Files?

Usenet Searching and NZB files save you time and help you organize your downloads. When they work correctly (most of the time, but not all of the time), they help Newsbin accomplish all the data correction activities that save you time and effort. Newsbin (optionally) creates folders for the result of each NZB file it processes, making the results easy to locate and work with.

Where to get NZB files?

NZB files can be created by the original poster, by automatic and manual processes at the Usenet Indexing services, or by you and other users with various tools (including Newsbin). You can find NZB files in 4 ways:

  1. Usenet Search Web sites
  2. Other Web sites dedicated to specific content
  3. From friends
  4. In Usenet groups

There are free and for fee Usenet search services. Search around and read other's commentary on which one's might be helpful to you. There are sites that cater to specific content and provide NZB files which provide RSS feeds of daily released content. You may share NZB's that you've found useful with friends. You can find NZB files when browsing your groups in Newsbin.

You can also create an NZB file from a post list in Newsbin. When browsing a group, you can highlight a series of posts and with a right mouse click get to the 'Create NZB from Posts' feature.

Why NZBs sometimes fail

Newsgroup data is time bound. Posts don't stay on the server's forever. You may find an NZB that relates to a post that no longer exists. NZB files are often created by people and may have human error.

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