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Find by Keywords

Search queries from Newsbin Internet Search are similar to the popular search engines. You enter keywords into the "Find" field separated by spaces. The order of the keywords doesn't matter, and all keywords must exist in the subject of a post to have a successful match (a boolean AND is assumed by default).

Matching Phrases

If you want to match based on the order of the keywords, for example on an exact phrase, enclose the keywords in quotes. For example:

"Match this phrase exactly"

will only return posts that have those four words in that order in the subject. If there are quotes in the phrase, you can escape each quote with a backslash.

Boolean Operators

Logical AND is implied so any words separated by spaces are AND'ed together. An OR can be performed by either using OR of a pipe "|". Keywords can be negated using a minus sign in front of the keyword.


This that those Each word is ANDed together, i.e. This AND that AND those
this that -those Returns items containing "this" and "that" but not "those" i.e. this AND that NOT those
this OR that Returns items containing either the word this or the word that (not both)
this | that -those Another way to show an OR, and negate a word.

More information on the Internet Search Help Page

other Search settings

Newsbin Internet Search can query the last 1700+ days of posts to most of the binaries newsgroups on Usenet. You can use the Age setting on the Search tab to limit how many days the query will search if you want more recent results or if your news server does not have as long of retention. Just because Internet Search returns matches doesn't mean your news server still has the post.

You can also focus the search on a custom "Group of Groups" using the Search Source option. By default, all groups are searched. You can create a Group of Groups folder in your Groups tab by right-clicking and selecting "New Folder". Each of these folders are listed in the Search Source dropdown list. If you select a specific folder, only the groups in that folder are searched.

Newsbin also allows you to apply a size filter to your searches. Set a maximum and/or a minimum file size using the Max Size and Min Size dropdown boxes and only search results referencing posts less than the maximum size and/or greater than the minimum size will be displayed.

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