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NOTE: Filename options changed in 6.40. It documented here: 6.40+ Filename Options

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Filename Options

MP3 Download Path Settings

MP3 Folder Mode

Selecting this option tells NewsBin to look into any downloaded MP3 file and store it in a folder named after the Album Title as set in the IDV2 field. If this option is not selected, or there is no Album Title available, NewsBin follows the Folder Mode setting.

MP3 Tag Usage

MP3 files have a special format that allows the creator to include specific information about the MP3 including song title, album title, artist, and other information. NewsBin can take advantage of some of the information stored in the MP3, in IDV2 fields, using the following options.

Subject Filename Mode

This option tells NewsBin to add the subject of the post to the filename of the file. This is for MP3 files only.

Filenames Modifications

Short Filename Mode

For files with very small filenames, use this option to add the post subject to the filename to make it more descriptive. Set the number in the field to specify how many characters you consider to be a short filename. This option is limited to accepting values between 2 and 10.

Folder Mode

Turn this option on if you want files to be downloaded into a folder named after the newsgroup they were downloaded from. The folder will be created in the folder specified by the Download Path. If this option is turned off, each file will be saved directly to the Download Path Folder.

In the case where a Group of Groups list is loaded into a post list, files will be downloaded into a folder named after the Group of Groups folder when Folder Mode is on. When Folder Mode is off, all files go directly into the folder specified by the Download Path.

Save File Summary

This option only works on NTFS based filing systems.

It allows additional information about a file to be saved against a file.

Duplicate Filename Settings

Auto Rename

Tells NewsBin to automatically rename a file if a file already exists with the exact same name. This is used if you download two different files that happen to have the same file name. Like when someone posts a generic filename like 001.jpg. If Auto Rename is turned off, downloading a file with the same filename will fail.

Copy Style Rename

Tells NewsBin how you would prefer to rename files that need to be renamed. Only active if Auto Rename is turned on. If this option is turned off, then add a number to the end of the filename. For example 001-(0001).jpg, 001-(0002).jpg. If this option is turned on, then standard Windows style "Copy(1) of 001.jpg" is used.

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