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Group Properties

The Group Properties Dialog looks the same whether it was invoked from a specific newsgroup or from a Group of Groups folder. If it was from a newsgroup, the newsgroup will be listed at the top of the Dialog box, i.e. "Group Properties For - "alt.binaries.pictures.automobile". If invoked from a Group of Groups Folder, it might say "Group Properties For - "Cars".

Group Options

Automatic Download. Add all new posts to the download list.

This setting will add all files to the download list as headers are downloaded.

* Use this setting with caution.
** Using a good filter profile will help prevent overloading your download list.

Use Download Path

This allows you to override the default download path on a per Group, Group-of-Groups, or Custom_List basis.

Use "Per Group" Display Age

This will override the Options->Setup->Display Age setting.

Use header Download Age

This will override the Options->Setup->Download Age setting.

Use Profile

Check box and select a Filter Profile that will automatically be applied when you Show Posts.

Disable AutoPAR Decode for this Group

Disables AutoPAR from processing files downloaded from this group.

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