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Guide for installing and using NBRemote for Android goes here including instructions for troubleshooting.



NBRemote for Android is an application that allows a user to control the Newsbin desktop client remotely. The app is universal, meaning the same app works on both handsets and tablets. The app itself is still in early beta, so not all functions are working properly, if at all. The most recent version is 1.0.1, released August 2, 2013.


To install NBRemote, you first must enable 3rd party app installation. If you have installed 3rd party apps before, you can skip this step. Go to your device's settings, then go to the Security menu. Check off the box that says "Unknown Sources." Once that's done, you're now able to install 3rd party apps! Now, download the apk (download link in this thread: http://forums.newsbin.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=32549). Once downloaded, launch the apk from your Android device for to install. This will replace the previous version of NBRemote if it was installed. NBRemote settings should be preserved.


To use NBRemote for the first time, first click "Add Computer" from the top menu. This will open a dialog, prompting for the computer's information. If you are unsure of the info, you can find in Newsbin's settings, under "Remote Control." Once you've added at least one computer, click "Connect" and choose the computer you want to connect to. Now click "Connect," and NBRemote will attempt to connect to your computer.

User Guide

Top Menu

Add Computer

-Opens a dialog prompting for a computer's information.


-Connects to any of your saved computers. Long press on any of the entries to open the edit/delete dialog.


-Disconnects from the currently connected computer, or cancels a connection attempt. This will not stop any currently downloading files.

Left Hand Menu

Newsbin Status

-Shows the Newsbin client's status, including the Pause and Bandwidth Limiter state, download speed, free space in the download and data folders, the size of the current download queue, and the client's connection status.


-Shows all the current Newsbin downloads. You can pause, resume, and delete any of the currently downloading files. View a download's info by clicking on it.

Wish List

-Shows Newsbin's Wish List. Tap an item to view its info or queue it for download.


-Shows all of your watched groups. Click on a group or folder to view its posts. You can view the post's details and download it by taping on it.


-Uses Newsbin Internet Search to search for any post. Type your search term and tap 'Search' to load your search results. Tap an item to view its details and download it.

Newsbin Files

-Shows all of Newsbin's files. You can view its details or download it to your device by taping on it.

Local Files

-Shows all of the files stored on your device. Tap an item to view it with your device's default app.

Options Menu


-Change the filter's settings. NOTE: As of v1.0.1 filters are not yet functional, with the exception of max and min post age.


-View the current version and build date of NBRemote.

Update Headers

-Starts a header update


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