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Comcast has a monthly quota for Usenet Access. To summarize their Newsgroup Downloads Policy, you can only download 2GB per month using their news server. If you hit that limit, they will not let you connect to their news server until the count is reset. This will show up in NewsBin as authentication errors. For example:, MSG=Auth: Username or Password is incorrect - The server rejected the authentication


Cox bandwidth limits Usenet access to their news servers to 1.5Mbps.


Plusnet has a Sustainable Usage Policy that limits your downloads and/or your speed based on the tier of service you buy and the amount of bandwidth you use. The technology they use detects Usenet traffic and applies whether you use their news server or a third party news server.

UK Online

There are reports that all usenet traffic is limited, regardless of the port. Using a news server with SSL support might be a workaround.

Last update: April 17, 2006

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