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AutoRAR is a function built in to NewsBin that allows you to combine RAR files or files split by Master Splitter or HJSplit. Starting with versino 5.10, this function has its own tab.


Quick Start

When the AutoRAR window is displayed, you should see a list of files that are available to be combined. If the number of files listed in the Files column equals the number in the Files Needed column then all the files exist to be combined.

The default location for decoding files is the folder holding the RAR files. If you want to decode the files to a particular location, make sure that you have a "Save to Path" path selected. Do this by typing the path in the "Save to Path" field or, hit the browse button to the right of the field to select a folder where you want the combined file to be saved.

When you are ready, highlight the file(s) you want to have combined and hit the "Decode to Save Path" button. If you queue multiple files to be decoded then they will all be processed in turn.

Detailed Documentation

Following is a description of each button and field in AutoRAR

Pick RAR Folder

If you launched AutoRAR from the Files tab, then the RAR folder will already be set to the folder where your files to be combined are stored. If you launched AutoRAR from the Utilities/AutoRAR option, then the RAR folder will be set to whatever folder you last used. If you need to set the folder for the first time, or change the current folder, click the Pick RAR Folder button and select the folder where your files needing to be combined are stored.

Test (if PARS present)

If you are combining RAR files that have associated PAR2 files, hitting this button will launch your PAR program to check the integrity of the RAR files, inform you if any are missing or damaged, and offer to fix/replace damaged/missing files if enough PAR files exist to do this. Popular PAR programs are QuickPar and SmartPar.

Decode to Save Path

Hit this button when you have selected the file to be combined and you are ready to actually combine it.

Save to Path

This is the folder where your combined files will be stored. You can either type the path in this field or, hit the browse button to the right of the field to select a folder where you want the combined file to be saved.

Refresh (F5)

As files are added to the folder (if NewsBin is still downloading for example) hit this button to get the current list of files in the folder.

Delete RAR's and PAR's

This button will delete any selected files in the AutoRAR file list window. The files deleted are the individual pre-combined files. Once you combine the files and the resulting complete file is saved in the folder specified as your "Save to Path", these files are not longer needed and should be deleted to conserve hard disk space.

Files List

The list of files that NewsBin knows how to combine are listed here. There will be one line per file which represents the many files that will be combined to create the resulting file. There are 5 columns in the Files list.

Filename The resulting filename once the file is combined.

Type The type of files that will be combined, i.e. RAR, MSPLIT.

Files The number of files found in each set

Files Needed The number of files needed to create a complete file.

Par Files? The number of PAR files found if this is a RAR set.

Status Current status of the file, whether it is missing files, being combined (decoding), or combined (decoded).

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